How to Coping Tips You Can not Connect to a WiFi Network

How to Coping Tips You Can not Connect to a WiFi Network

Coping Tips You Can not Connect to a WiFi Network

Discussing about the network connection is always there fault, either from the device or the network itself and not just a cellular network that has many problems, but also have a WiFi network problems and to megatasinya did not do a single procedure. Villagers in Indonesia are currently being shocked by an optical fiber connection 4G is spreading more in line turned into years. And now 4G connection can already be found in some areas one downtown. Plus a lot of sort of MiFi that can deliver a 4G connection and so users can access the Internet without fear of being disconnected network.

Users who use WiFi often think of mobile phones in use today as if there is a change that is at a temperature tersbeut phone. So suppose the user wearing a cellular network connection to the Internet open, the temperature in the cell phone will eventually heat and this could be due also signal factor or speed and walkin all phones experience a temperature rise when committed connection to the mobile network. However, if the user uses a WiFi network, the temperature remains stable with the phone or can be just warm and not too hot even if used while playing the game.

Knowing that a WiFi connection is fairly stable, it will not lose if the user is using WiFi rather than cellular networks. Because the package is more expensive than WiFi internet without quota limits and so the user can browse or download as much on all web sites on the Internet. What is needed in installing WiFi is simply a router and a modem, but do not expect the presence of WiFi ensures that the connection will remain stable and there is no problem, because there is a problem that many users have experienced another one I own and it has something to do with two things: device or router itself.

One of the problems that arise are not able to connect to the Access Point that is despite having done a password reset input and only displays the text “Saved”. It is indeed tida often the case, because I had just experienced after using WiFi for a year and to cope alone there are some unique ways and users do not need to reset because all you need is to see the condition on the connected device or router. Here I will share how to resolve an issue with them easily and therefore do not perform factory reset in order not to have to rearrange existing settings. Here’s how.

Restart Device – Could be problems exist on the device allowing still cached on WiFi use today which result in failure to connect, so please try to restart the device and try to reconnect.
Restart Router – If restart perangat still no results, please try to restart the router. Who knew there were errors in the resulting router device can not be connected.
Restart Adapter – Especially for PC, please try to restart the WiFi adapter that is used today, useless like to refresh or refresh reconfigured so it will be easy to connect to the network without any obstacles.
Diagnosis Network Devices – Special to the PC, please try to diagnose faults in the current connection. To do so please connect to a WiFi network and wait until the error message appears on the menu and click Troubleshoot problems. It will show the fault of the device or router.
Know Mistakes Shown – There are some errors that would appear on some devices, such as appearing “Obtain an IP address” then suddenly changed its status to “off” That’s a sign that the router has been filtered. Or appear notif “Security key mismatch” or “Authentication problem” was a sign of passwords written down wrong.
Connect a Wired LAN – This is the last way if all of the above can not handle it, by trying to meyamungkan device with a LAN cable and simply see if a connection can be established or not. If unable to connect, please diagnostics directly from the router settings.

Indeed complicated see which one has an error, whether it is from the router or from the device, and how the above I suggest be done from the top. In contrast, if a problem arises when it has been connected to WiFi but no internet connection is established and one of the most potent was overcome by pinging the current IP or towards IP Gateway. But the department also if IP does not appear and allow other people are doing a ping flood or cut into IP networks that users wear when it allows the device was not powerful to ping the server and pass down. If anyone would like to ask please comment.

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