7 Hits Cafes That Can Be Alternative Tourism Jakarta

7 Hits Cafes That Can Be Alternative Tourism Jakarta

Even though it does not have charming natural beauty like Bandung or other natural tourist cities, Jakarta always never fails to make us bored. Many small places are fun for inspiration to hang out casually. One of them is the contemporary cafes that make you linger. Which one?

1. Kopimana 27

Cafes located on Jalan Prof. DR. Supomo Number 45 BZ, Tebet, South Jakarta, this has a very cozy place. The concept promoted is industrial and semi-vintage. Meanwhile, the interior that is carried has a dominant color with basic hues, such as gray, black, white, and brown.

This cafe carries feminist issues by raising various accessories that show the role of women. For example, on the wall there is a sentence: “Like a wife, coffee is a deposit.”

In the menu, for example, a term that displays the Srikandi function is used, such as on the menu made by wife, pasta Nyai Ontosoroh, and so on. This cafe also has a reading corner. There is a bookshelf with a fairly complete collection of readings. There is also an authentic yellow Vespa that sits next to the shelf. Pretty catchy for photos.

The best time to visit Kopimana 27 is late afternoon. The light that penetrated through the glass doors gave rise to a dramatic color of space.
7 Hits Cafes That Can Be Alternative Tourism Jakarta, Exclaimed Abis! Instagram.com/kopinalar

2. Kopi Nalar

Kopi Nalar is famous for being frequented by celebrities, such as Keenan Pearce. The location is strategic, in the middle of the city, but it is classified as a cool complex, on Jalan Prof. Joko Sutono SH Number 7, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Many Instagramable spots here. From space to space, the boundaries are separated by glass doors. So the room looks spacious. There are also colorful sofas and bean bags that make visitors like drinking coffee at home.

Besides that, the writings on several corners of the wall seemed very artsy. The best time to visit this cafe is at 8:00 in the morning, when it’s open. Because if day and afternoon will be more crowded.
7 Hits Cafes That Can Be Alternative Tourism Jakarta, Exclaimed Abis! Instagram.com/ceritacafe

3. Cerita Cafe

Only open in August 2016, the location is close to Kampung Melayu Terminal, precisely on Jalan Otista Raya Number 125-127, East Jakarta. This cafe reminds us of the concept in Bali.

There are industrial, funny, and rustic nuances. Scandinavian building forms make the cafe more fun and visually pleasing to the eye. Diverse chairs with attractive colors make the portrait on the camera look brighter.

The best time to visit this cafe is in the afternoon. During the day it is quite hot because the sunlight comes through the glass walls.

The cafe, located on Jalan Suryo, Number 23, Senopati, South Jakarta, has industrial style long chairs and co-working space. This allows visitors to connect with each other, chat, and relax together.

4. Kanawa Coffee and Munch

Kanawa is suitable for working or just hanging out with friends. The place is unique because there are artsy displays, such as vintage cars and motorbikes, so it fits perfectly into Instagram feeds. Young and really present. The best time to visit this cafe is late afternoon.
7 Hits Cafes That Can Be Alternative Tourism Jakarta, Exclaimed! Instagram.com/luckycatcoffeekitchen

5. Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen

The concept is semi-outdoor, located at Plaza Festival, South Parking, Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta. There are greenery in a neatly arranged cafe.

There are also stairs that connect the first and second floors with a very unique and Instagramable design. Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen reminds us of the concept of cafes in Europe. The best time to visit this cafe is in the early morning.

  1. Chroma
    7 Hits Cafes That Can Become Jakarta Tourism Alternatives, Exclaimed Abis! Instagram.com/kroma.id

The location is on Jalan Panglima Polim V Number 25B, Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta, with the all white concept with semi-industrial design. Wooden chairs and tables that are neatly arranged, not too tight so that the room looks spacious, pleasing to the eye too.

You can photograph coffee set in a room that resembles a co-working space. The best time to visit here is late afternoon.

7. Fillmore Café

  1. Fillmore Café
    7 Hits Cafes That Can Be Alternative Tourism Jakarta, Exclaimed Abis anakjajan.com

One of the favorite spots here is the bar overlooking the glass wall. In front of it grow vines that give the impression of life when photographed. There are also a variety of latte-art that beautify photos. No wonder that a lot of programs take pictures here.

Located in Suite at Seven, Jalan H. Sidik Number 7, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, you should come here at around 09.00, when a new cafe opens. At that hour, you can photograph freely without interference from right-left.

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