How to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 Easy to Do? These are the real facts!

How to Jailbreak iOS 12.4 Easy to Do? These are the real facts!

jailbreak iOS 12.4
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As we know, the iOS operating system is well-known for its security system which is classified as tight and difficult for users to do customization as it has often been done on HP Android devices.

Although this should be beneficial because it can reduce the risk of virus entry and other harmful things, but for some users, the limitations on iOS aren’t fun enough, gang.

Especially for those who really like to hack the cellphone to get functions that are not actually supported, this is certainly a big obstacle.

To overcome this limitation, finally not a few users of the iOS operating system chose to jailbreak their phones.

Known for its very tight security system, last week the public was suddenly shocked by the presence of jailbreak tools for the latest iOS version, iOS 12.4.

This is certainly very surprising to the public considering that over the past few years, jailbreak tools usually only support older versions of iOS.

The iOS 12.4 jailbreak tool was released by someone who claimed to be pwn20wnd.

It did not take long, the codes to break into the iPhone were then spread free of charge or free in cyberspace by the @ pwn20wnd account.

With the help of his jailbreak tools, the HP iPhone security system will be more relaxed, allowing users to install non-App Store applications.
Causes iOS 12.4 Can be jailbreaked
Causes of iOS 12 4 can be broken by F6077 custom

The bug was first discovered by one of Google’s employees, Ned Williamson who tried to break into his iPhone XR.

Reportedly jailbreak iOS 12.4 can be released due to the Apple who accidentally opened a security hole that has been previously repaired.

This security gap was previously discovered by Google and then has been closed by Apple on iOS 12.3.

However, in the latest version of iOS 12.4, this security hole is open again and can be exploited by security researchers to create jailbreak tools where one of them is pwn20wnd, a gang.

With this vulnerability, jailbreak tools made by pwn20wnd reportedly can run smoothly on Apple devices using Binoic A12 processors and below.
Dangers of iOS Security Gap Bug 12.4
Danger of Jailbreak Ios 12 Custom 875f9

Even so, but the pwn20wnd itself asks users to jailbreak iOS 12.4 tools to always be careful when installing applications.

That’s because the security hole in iOS 12.4 can be used by people not responsible for creating spyware.

With the presence of spyware that exploits these security holes is also not impossible if later there is a special application that is programmed to steal data from other applications, gangs.

Not only that, even worse is if there are hackers who put this security hole on a website and combine other security holes based on mobile browsers.
Apple Releases iOS 12.4.1 To Repair Security Gap
Ios 12 4 1 Custom 0ea54

Responding to this, Apple recently launched the “Emergency Patch” to patch the security hole.

This iOS update comes with version 12.4.1 which was released on August 26 yesterday. Broadly speaking, iOS 12.4.1 update improves the kernel system on iOS devices.

Even so, Apple does not disclose in detail about anything that is updated in addition to security holes that allow users to install jailbreak tools on their mobile phones.

Apple devices that get iOS 12.4.1 updates themselves are iPhone 5s and above, iPad Air up to the latest generation, and iPod touch sixth generation.

For the opening of the iOS 12.4 operating system security hole, Apple is grateful to Ned for finding the bug.

In addition, Apple also appreciates the person behind the @ pwn20wnd account for developing a technique that can break into the iPhone with the latest version of iOS 12.4.

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