PUBG Mobile: 5 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn’t Tell You

PUBG Mobile: 5 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn’t Tell You

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1. Always Flank From Behind


As previously mentioned, one of the biggest gripes with PUBG Mobile is the controls.

As a result of not having the fine aiming capabilities of a mouse or the ability to swing a stick around to see behind you, if you get caught from behind, you are screwed.

There’s just no way to effectively turn around and take out the person gunning at you in time.

Because of this, you should always be trying to get behind anybody you see if the opportunity presents itself. It’s going to catch them off guard and almost guarantee they die before even having the ability to turn around and return fire.

PUBG Mobile just really doesn’t allow for fast movements, as players often need a couple finger swipes to turn around, instead of a flick like on console or PC. This is just one more thing that can give you a major advantage in a gunfight.

2. Re-Map Buttons To What Is Most Usable


Since you’re going to be working on such a small screen, everything is a bit of a cluster. As previously stated, you may find some things hiding under your thumbs or buttons might be too small and too close together. God bless those with big thumbs who are trying to play this game, as this may be a lifesaver.

You’re actually able to move around buttons to areas that will be most comfortable while playing. It’s an extremely useful feature considering the shoot and crouch buttons are painfully close to one another.

The amount of times you’ll accidentally fire off a few rounds instead of taking cover is probably already driving you mad, so go ahead and create some space between them so you don’t accidentally give away your position.

3. Try Out Gyroscope Controls (If You’re A Psychopath)


If for some reason you feel like making aiming that bit more complex, there’s an option to turn on gyroscope controls. These essentially give you a basic amount of motion controls with your phone.

It’s not going to be a drastic amount, as this isn’t the Wii. However, there will certainly be a range that you can look while moving your phone. Some people could find this useful, as it allows for a certain amount of fine aiming that using your fingers on the screen just doesn’t. It can also be switched to only trigger while in a scope, so you can use it specifically to fine aim.

Try it out for a game or two and see if you like it. In all honesty, you’ll barely notice it’s on for the most part if you play with stable hands. That little boost of fine aiming might just save your life though, so it can’t hurt to try.

4. Play While Plugged In


PUBG isn’t exactly the most demanding game in the world, but that’s not to say that it isn’t going to completely drain your phone’s battery. After playing my first match of PUBG mobile on a freshly fully-charged iPhone, on medium graphics, my phone was sitting at 50%.

One match of PUBG mobile ate exactly half of the phone’s charge, which means if you’re lucky you can get two games out of a single charge of your phone.

Not everyone is going to experience the same amount of battery drainage, but the best way to combat this is just having your phone plugged in while playing. It certainly seems like a no brainer, but it’s safer to warn than to go in without knowing.

Just imagine being in the final three and going for that chicken dinner with a racing heart and sweaty palms, all for your phone to die because it wasn’t charged enough or you didn’t have it plugged in. PUBG doesn’t display battery in-game, so play it safe and make sure you’re appreciating how quickly this game is going to kill your phone.

5. Use Free Look While Running To Avoid Being Caught Off Guard


While using that previous tip and auto running around the map, you’re going to be making yourself an easy target for other players. On PC you can free look while sprinting, allowing you to go in the same direction while keeping an eye on your six. This is still possible on mobile, although it’s hidden in plain sight.

To activate free look, you’re going to want to took in the top right corner of your screen for another TINY eye icon. You cannot simply tap on it to activate free look – instead you need to tap and drag to move the camera as you please, all while still going in the same direction.

This is essential to PUBG, to make sure you never get caught off guard by someone behind you. You’re going to be moving around a hell of a lot, so always be aware of as many incoming angles as possible.

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